Lily the Fox Mechanic
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Mascot
Physical attributes
Height 5'5
Weight Unknown

Lily the Fox mechanic is an icon that was created for Noble by Winged Cloud.

She was one half of the two sprites sent by Winged Cloud (second sprite). Lily quickly grew within the community, becoming the biggest icon in the fanbase. Within the first few months, there were over hundreds of renditions Lily that were drawn by the fans, not to mention the renditions of Lily that edit her original sprite, which display different emotions, stances, etc. Noble built a lore of sorts around Lily, stating on multiple occasions that she both edits videos as well as tending to his Twitch behind the scenes when he goes live. Lily was also the character that starred in the infamous video that had temporarily terminated Noble's channel and forced him to resort to his second channel. In said video, Lily was rendered into a MMD (MikuMikuDance) character, and was dancing to a Vocaloid song. Youtube's community guideline bots seemed to mistake Lily's shirt buttons as nipples, and thus the video was taken down for "breaking the community guideline standards."

Physical Description

Lily has fairly long and scruffy hair. She has fox ears attached to each side of the top of her head, and a tail located just under her lower back. Lily's hair color is a light grey, with a dash of white coating the underside of her tail. Lily wears a revealing white top that is supported by two thick white straps that are attached to the shirt above her chest. The straps support themselves from the nape of her neck. Lily has a small brown bandanna tied to her neck, just above the white straps. She wears brown working gloves and had brown elbow sleeves. She has a red sweater tied around her waist, and a brown belt, which holds two small brown tool pouches, one of which has a wrench in it. She wears loose brown pants that expose her lower pelvis area, making her brown panties in plain sight. She wears hiking shoes that mostly dark brown, with little patches of light brown on the toe and lace areas of the shoe.


  • Lily almost instantly overtook the icon branch of Noble's fanbase, easily overtaking Panterbell for the title of most popular icon.
  • Lily's most preferred method of payment is in bishies.
  • Lily likes to film Noble in compromising/embarrassing positions and scenarios.
  • Lily can dance very well, and has many different outfits at her disposal.
  • Lily's buttons can be easily mistaken for nipples.
  • Noble seems to have a small harem centered around him, which consists of Lily, Gustave and his body pillow.